Three Instructional Design Blogs That Are Worth Bookmarking!

I was searching today through various instructional design related blogs on the internet.  Although many of them offer helpful resources there are three that really stand out as being beneficial for me to follow.  One common theme spanning the three sites is that their layouts make it easy to recognize individual postings.  On other sites it was difficult to distinguish where one post started and the previous one ended.  Each of these sites is unique and provides information that will be helpful to me throughout this program and into my career as an instructional designer. 

1. The Rapid E-learning blog, found at offers exactly what it claims.  It provides “Practical, real-world tips for e-learning success” (Kuhlmann, 2013).  The tips range from the simple, like making sure you have a glass of water during a narration, to more advanced tricks for course development.  The site also provides links for many usable free resources including fonts and templates.

2. Instructional Design Fusions is unique because it offers a blend of instructional design articles with a focus on innovative technologies.  The only negative to the site its operator, Dianne, only posts about once a month.  I wish she posted her ideas more often.  You can check out Dianne’s posts at      

3. Christy Tucker’s site is a very friendly site packed with information for the instructional design professional.  She posts weekly and also regularly responds to comments placed by other followers.  Many of her followers are instructional designers so their comments are as helpful as the original posts.  A unique feature of Christy’s site is that several of her posts are specific to those new to instructional design.  Since I myself am new to this field I see this as a site that can help to answer many of the questions that I have as a newcomer.  If you are also new to instructional design please take some time to review this blog at        

Kuhlmann, T. (2013). [Quote on website]. Retrieved from The Rapid E-learning Blog:


One response to “Three Instructional Design Blogs That Are Worth Bookmarking!

  1. Hi Matt,
    Thank you for the useful information in Christy Tucker’s blog. I have been looking for a site that would give useful information about transitioning from K-12 teaching to ID. I was really excited when I began to read her information. I look forward to following her site and learning all I can.

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